Shooting between Mapuche Natives and Chilean Police Special Forces

On Monday, May 9th, a farm located three kilometers south of Temuco was occupied by a group of Mapuche protestors. Upon receiving a call from the property’s owner, special forces arrived on the scene to disperse the occupiers. During the removal, buckshot was fired from shotguns by

some Mapuche individuals,  resulting in four police officers being injured — none of them seriously.


The incident took place shortly after 3:30 p.m. local time and allegedly involved 30 hooded Mapuche individuals. The group tried to occupy the farm, which has long been claimed as Mapuche land. When police arrived on the scene, shots were immediately fired by the protestors. The media has made no mention of shots fired by police. Ultimately, the crowd was dispersed, but in the process four officers were sent to the hospital. Three of them were released shortly after the incident, while the other

was kept overnight for observation.


The Chilean media has provided few other details about the incident. As of the time of this writing, there have been no reports of arrests nor of injured Mapuche individuals. In fact, at this time, no one involved

in the incident — other than the four injured police officers — has been identified.
Source : Mapuche mailinglist

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