Indigenous Mapuche reject the construction of airport on its territory

The communities of the Makewe territories, who reject the construction of new regional airport in our territory, state the following:


1-.Once again, we begin the claims against this project that invades Mapuche land and life as a true dialogue with affected communities has never been started or continued. We ​​are opposed with our lives to such transnational initiatives.


2 -. We also denounce that various media has bee used by government delegations to hide the true magnitude of the rejection of its new regional airport. Without going further, during yesterday Monday 09

January, Minister Lavin announced a dialogue with communities in the area. This was in a secret conversation, hidden from the communities that truly represent the territory. This media manipulation seems outrageous and even more when it is made out of money itself


3-.As a rejection of these actions, the Makewe territory mobilized since yesterday and we are expressing ourselves by cutting the main road access routes to Temuco. Today however, we have seen the repression of the communities of the area, who were not participating in the demonstrations, went too far: Members of the GOPE and police, entered without warrants to whichever houses they wanted, surrounding the

community with two helicopters that tried countless times to land in our yards, reeking with more than 200 police officers surrounding our homes and even detained two women who were guarding their home from tear gas and police shooting their animals.


4 -. Our lamgen (sisters) were attacked receiving butts in various parts of the faces and bodies INSIDE THEIR OWN YARD, and when they did not allow the police into their land, they were arrested, tearing a child of a year and a half from the arms of his mother leaving him without anyone to care for him and his two siblings, both minors, who witnessed and tried to resist the violent beating and arrest of their mother and sister.


5 -. At this time, the 2 sisters are being held in the third commission of Padre las Casas, awaiting their formalization which will be tomorrow. Even police officers in command, addressed the issue in the national press, declaring that these women had escaped along with hooded protesters who started the rally. These are irresponsible words by the executors of genocide in Mapuche territory.


6 -. We declare that all these accusations are part of a desperate government attempt to criminalize the struggle for the defence of land throughout the Wallmapu(Mapuche territory), first, accusing the Mapuche

movement of being responsible for igniting the forest fires that plague our area and now, by accusing our sisters who this time were the real victims of police repression in the Territory of Makewe that rejects the



7 - However, these measures of repression against the Mapuche people defending their territory do not frighten us and instead, give us more strength to continue in the defense of our life, our sacred natural

spaces and our self-determination within Mapuche communities




Makewe-Rofue Territory


Source : Mapuche mailinglist in English/Dutch

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