Violently Police Raid of Mapuche Community in Chile

Santiago de Chile, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) Special Police Forces violently burst into the Mapuche community of Temucuicui n the region of Chilean Araucania on Friday.


According to information uploaded to the blog of the community, from 10:00 local time (07:00 GMT), numerous soldiers burst into the community, even without knowing the reason for the raid.


The text added that the lonko (highest authority) of the community, Victor Queipul, was shot without any reason.

He further claimed that there were gas cannons in the attack, as it is customary in the area.


The werken (spokesman) of the community, Jorge Huenchullan stressed that they do not know the cause of such violent action. "We have no idea of the reasons. They burst without saying anything to anyone and

intimidate and humiliate our people," he said.



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Source : Mapuche mailinglist in English/Dutch

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