Mapuche People Warn of Paramilitaries in Chilean Araucania

Indigenous spokespersons warned today of the presence of paramilitary groups in the Chilean Araucania region, acting surreptitiously to blame the Mapuche community for violent acts.


Spokesman for the autonomous Temucuicui community of Ercilla town, Jorge Huenchullan, denounced that "the paramilitaries are the children of farmers and retired police officers that are frightening us and generating this type of situations in order to accuse the Mapuche



Huenchullan remarks to AND Radio Chile were made in the wake of a government meeting convened today to discuss the "escalation of violence" in the Araucania.


Regarding the very much talked about "security summit", human rights organizations and opposition members of Parliament urged the Executive to avoid measures meaning a stepped up militarization in the area.


Local analysts also warned of increased pressure by private business people and big landowners for La Moneda to declare a sort of siege on the Araucania in order to serve their interests.


Rather than "security policies", what we need is a policy for a comprehensive solution by the Chilean State regarding the longstanding social and cultural demands of the Mapuche people, said an experienced local radio and television commentator.

Source : Mapuche mailinglist in English/Dutch

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