Winner Of The "Rigoberta Menchú Grand Prix"


Gold Fever has been awarded the 2013 Rigoberta Menchú Grand Prix by the Montreal First Peoples Festival. Gold Fever, a documentary film examining the conflict surrounding Guatemala's Marlin Mine, screened at the 2013 festival with film participant and Rights Action director Grahame Russell in attendance.


In its official statement, the festival writes: "Working with conviction among the Indigenous population of San Miguel Ixtahuacán, the directors of this essential documentary have succeeded in fully expressing the words solidarity and resistance. For speaking out against the practices of a gold mining company in rural Guatemala, for showing how the North American corporation, driven by an unhealthy thirst for gold, closes its eyes to the reprehensible activities of the groups mining for it. For its compelling portrait of brave women who defend the Maya people's territorial rights. The First Peoples' Festival 2013 jury awards Rigoberta Menchú Grand Prize to Gold Fever."


Rigoberta Menchú , the award's namesake, is a leading advocate of indigenous rights in the world. She received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992 in recognition of her efforts to raise awareness of the impacts of Guatemala's 36-year armed internal conflict on the country's indigenous Maya.


"This award is a tremendous honor and we accept it on behalf of the people of San Miguel Ixtahuacán," said producer JT Haines. "For their outspoken bravery, Diodora, Gregoria, Crisanta and their neighbors are the ones who most embody the spirit and courage of Rigoberta Menchú."


Source : Rights action : Montréal First Peoples Festival







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